With customers increasingly looking for alternative low volume production solutions as a quicker, cheaper alternative to hard tooling, ARRK is delighted to announce that we can now offer customers polyurethane parts up to 2.3m in length.

With a wealth of experience in producing large, complex components, ARRK’s investment in the new purpose built Maxi II 2300 vac casting machine at its site in Barcelona, Spain, allows ARRK to offer customers even larger components. The team were keen to have this custom-made machine built, in line with their design specifications, so that ARRK can meet the growing demand from clients for bigger parts.

Using silicone tooling and its vacuum casting process, ARRK are now able to produce parts up to 2.3m x 1.35m x 1.25m in size and 12kg in weight. With a range of materials to choose from, including PU simulants of ABS, PC, PP, Rubber, ULV0, Clear and high temperature, castings can also be over-moulded, if required.

Parts can be assembled, finished and painted to customer specifications, whether it be a simple primer coating or a high-quality textured paint finish, with the option of having graphics applied. 

The size of this new machine makes this service ideal for clients across a range of industries; from automotive customers requiring bumpers, interior boot liners, or instrument panels, through to clients in medical or consumer products markets where large exterior panels or fittings are needed. 

“A real boost for our people and for our customers”

ARRK’s senior management in Barcelona commented: “We’re delighted to have this machine at our factory. It enhances our range of capabilities and enables us to offer customers even larger parts. Our extensive in-house paint capability also means we can provide multiple options and finishes in a controlled environment. The team here love a challenge and we are always looking for new ways to support our customers with their product development needs. This investment is not only a real boost for the people here, especially during these challenging times, but also demonstrates ARRK’s commitment to supporting customers with a wide range of solutions.”